Investments advise by leveraging our strategic, technological and legal resources, we provide an end-to-end understanding of risks and opportunities before the business strategy has been defined, helping to make informed choices by providing a comprehensive benchmark of strategy and regulation. In partnership with Herzog Fox Neeman law firm, we are also uniquely able to provide a 360-degree vision for an optimal investment process.


Our focus is to rapidly prioritize verticals and use cases, identify your needs for the relevant technologies to collaborate with, and navigate complexities on the organizations behalf. By instructing on future trends, and providing invaluable business and investments advice we allow the organization to make informed decisions backed by smart data.

Through our prominent and long standing presence in the Israeli market, we are able to pinpoint unique, need based investment opportunities that accomplish the goals of the organization. Our cross-dimensional approach and methodology consists of three fundamental pillars that assist in developing a comprehensive and defined vision.


Our multidisciplinary approach combines deep technological expertise with comprehensive understanding of laws, regulations, business strategies, risk management, research, development, innovation, threat monitoring, intelligence and cyber situational awareness, along with predictive analytics and forecasts regarding emerging trends and threats. This approach allows us to provide C level, senior management, and decision makers with an unbeatable range and quality of service.



Provide investors with a portfolio of offerings backed by in-depth research and analysis that caters to their criteria, and provides a tailored plan of action which addresses areas within the organization that need assistance.


By leveraging our immense professional network and years of experience working across a gamut of technological sectors, we are able to provide premier technologies in the Israeli high-tech industry, and ensure the match fits for both parties involved.


From establishing introductions to contract execution, we provide expert guidance in the navigation of all complexities within the Israeli investment process, providing decision makers with engaging and beneficial connections within the Israeli ecosystem.