An elite Cybersecurity consulting service, designed to provide decision makers with cross-organizational Cyber Resilience capacities.
Cytactic’s multidisciplinary approach combines deep technological expertise with comprehensive understanding of laws, regulations, business strategies, risk
management, research, development, innovation, threat monitoring, intelligence and cyber situational awareness, along with predictive analytics and forecasts regarding
emerging trends and threats. This approach allows us to provide C level, senior management, and decision makers with an unbeatable
range and quality of service. 

• Crisis management and IR- End to end support with all aspects of Crisis Management
• Cyber posture assessment- Discover what is your overall cyber security position
• Strategy development- Devising a plan to help you steer your organization to the right places
• Risk management- Design a process for identifying, mitigating and managing risks
• Cyber solution architecture design- Devising secure solutions for complex IT & business needs
• Cyber simulations and table-top exercises- Participate in a unique experience to improve your incident response and crisis management abilities


SmarTech By Herzog Strategic, sees technology as the most powerful tool that organizations (from all levels, sectors and stages of industry and life cycles) can
harness in order to meet business vision and goals. Our knowledge and ability is to know how to shape, modify or adapt the most relevant technology tool to your
Whether you are a C-level, Head of Data , IT or Innovation, or an expert in the fields of AI, investment and organizations, it is no longer enough to recognize and be
familiar with your current trends or competitors: the realities of tomorrow requires the understanding of new threats that didn’t even exist before. Organizations have to
plan for the long-term and be ready to change on a brisk. The majority of organizations today are constantly looking for new opportunities, while the changing and
demanding environment requires organizations to be new, innovative, flexible, agile and much more…
Herzog Strategic builds strategic plans that addresses your industry's challenges, evaluates how technical and business model innovations can impact the growth of an
organization’s core business; and helps you assess whether your organization should consider implementing advance tools, such as machine and deep learning, in
order to achieve competitive advantage — and if so, how ?
• Advance Data Analytics (AI)- A step by step consulting to implement AI solutions and Establish Data Driven Culture
• Organizational Digital Transformation- Leading paradigms & structures in organizational data flow processes
• Assets Assessment Toward Acquisition- Provide to Key Stakeholders Tech Assessment Gaps before (and after) Investments Gaining awareness of acquired
product’s state
• Safety Recognition- Harness Data and Tech to keep residents, organizations and cities safe, predict what needs to be fixed before it needs fixing
• Next-Gen Architecture- Customized solutions to send and retrieve data across a highly scalable system to support the organization (and city's) future visions
• E-Gov & Smart City- Integrate technologies and features from different verticals to the needs of each sectors


Investments advise by leveraging our strategic, technological and legal resources, we provide an end-to-end understanding of risks and opportunities
before the business strategy has been defined, helping to make informed choices by providing a comprehensive benchmark of strategy and
regulation. In partnership with Herzog Fox Neeman law firm, we are also uniquely able to provide a 360-degree vision for an optimal investment
Our focus is to rapidly prioritize verticals and use cases, identify your needs for the relevant technologies to collaborate with, and navigate
complexities on the organizations behalf. By instructing on future trends, and providing invaluable business and investments advice we allow the
organization to make informed decisions backed by smart data.
Through our prominent and long standing presence in the Israeli market, we are able to pinpoint unique, need based investment opportunities that
accomplish the goals of the organization. Our cross-dimensional approach and methodology consists of three fundamental pillars that assist in
developing a comprehensive and defined vision.
• Strategy- Provide investors with a portfolio of offerings backed by in-depth research and analysis that caters to their criteria, and provides a tailored
plan of action which addresses areas within the organization that need assistance.
• Scouting- By leveraging our immense professional network and years of experience working across a gamut of technological sectors, we are able
to provide premier technologies in the Israeli high-tech industry, and ensure the match fits for both parties involved.
• Delegation- From establishing introductions to contract execution, we provide expert guidance in the navigation of all complexities within the
Israeli investment process, providing decision makers with engaging and beneficial connections within the Israeli ecosystem.